5 Top Rated Wiper Blade in the Year Under USD 20

1. Bosch 26A ICON Wiper Blade - 26" (Pack of 1)

Product detail :
  • Exclusive fx dual rubber resists heat and ozone deterioration and proven to last up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades
  • Patented beam design with shielded connector optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions 
  • Flexible asymmetric spoiler distributes uniform downward force along the entire blade to hold it firmly to the windshield at higher speeds 
  • Exclusive tension spring arcing technology creates a fit that’s custom-contoured to the curvature of each side of the windshield
  • Easy installation with original equipment-quality adapter 
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All You Need To Know about Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are a very important safety feature of your used cars, as they ensure that you have permanent good visibility when you are driving in whatever weather conditions you may come across. Most vehicles are fitted with some form of wiper blades including Planes, Trains, Lorries and trucks and can be maintained professionally when you are having your vehicle serviced.

In 1903, Mary Anderson is credited with inventing the first operational windshield wiper. In Anderson's patent, she called her invention a window cleaning device for electric cars and other vehicles. Operated via a lever from inside a vehicle, her version of windshield wipers closely resembles the windshield wiper found on many early car models. Anderson had a model of her design manufactured. She then filed a patent (U.S. patent number 743,801) on June 18, 1903 that was issued to her by the U.S. Patent Office on November 10, 1903.

Firstly why should you go to your local service department to change your wiper blades?

Many road traffic accidents are related to poor visibility, with defective wiper blades a common cause. When your wiper blades become rough with an uneven service, they begin to spread accumulated dust and dirt on the windscreen. This extra soiling can reduce your visibility further. If wiper blades are very badly deteriorated, they can even scratch the windscreen on your used car. In addition, having ineffective wiper blades can cause your vehicle to fail an MOT inspection. By visiting your local service department when you feel your wiper blades are nearing the end, you can save the hassle of failing your MOT and saving you money, and by going to a local service department you can guarantee you are getting wiper blades to suit your vehicle and they are being fitted to the highest standard.

So now you know why you should replace your wiper blades, what about when you should replace them?

· If you find streaks or smears on your windscreen after using your wipers
· If the blades jerk or are noisy when used
· If some areas of the windscreen are not being wiped correctly
· If the wiper rubber is cracked or worn, or if the blade’s frame touches the windscreen


· To ensure maximum visibility official guidelines state that you should think about visiting your local service department annually to get your wiper blades checked and replaced if it is necessary.

· It is important that you ensure you use a good quality screen wash. You are likely to find the best quality brands from stores such as Halfords or your local service department. Having a good screen wash will not only reduce the risk of freezing in cold weather, but it will also help keep your windscreen clear all year round, therefore improving your visibility.

· As stated before it is recommended that you go to your trusted local service department to have your wiper blades changed, as they will be using approved parts, they are highly trained and this will maintain your used cars resale value.
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How To Replace a Windshield Wiper Arm

Apart from the windshield wiper blades, your vehicle’s windshield wiper arm may need to be replaced due to wear and tear. The windshield wiper arm should always be in tiptop condition because you will never know when you’ll need to use the windshield wipers. If mechanical failure sets in, you may find yourself driving under dangerous or difficult conditions. Your visibility while driving under rainy weather conditions depends on dependable windshield wipers.

Below are the general instructions for replacing a windshield wiper arm with a bolt. You have to remember that there are many different vehicle brands and models. Instructions may differ between them.
  • Get your tools ready. Generally, all you need is a trusty screwdriver plus sockets of different sizes depending on the type of windshield wiper arm you are replacing. Of course you will need your replacement windshield wiper arm. Make sure to buy a replacement that is specific to your vehicle’s brand and model. The replacement should be the right size. It is best to replace both windshield wiper arms even if only one is not functioning properly.
  • Check the control switch. Inside the vehicle, locate the switch for the windshield wipers. Make sure that the switch is set to ‘off.’
  • Expose the bolt. Work on one windshield wiper arm first (preferably the ill-functioning one). This way, you can compare the position of the old one with the replacement. Lift the windshield wiper just like when you are replacing the blades or cleaning the window. Find the cover that conceals the bolt for the windshield wiper arm. Take out the cover so that the bolt is exposed. A screwdriver can help in this task.
  • Remove the bolt. Get a socket that is appropriate to the size of the bolt. Take out the bolt then set it aside.
  • Take out the windshield wiper arm. Once the bolt has been removed, you can now gently remove the arm. It should easily come off.
  • Replace the windshield wiper arm. Get one of the new windshield wiper arms you purchased. Place the new one in the same orientation as the old one that you took out. Make sure it is positioned properly. Compare the orientation of the new windshield wiper arm with the one that is still attached. Take the bolt that you removed earlier. Place it back into the assembly using the appropriate sized socket.
  • Replace the other windshield wiper arm. Repeat the same steps in replacing the other windshield wiper arm.

Note: Windshield wiper assemblies may differ between models. Not all windshield wiper arms are held by a bolt. Some windshield wiper arms can be pried off using a screwdriver or even a coin. Older vehicle models will need a special remover tool. Consult the vehicle’s manual so you know what type of windshield wiper assembly you have. Then you can determine the exact tools you will need in removing and replacing the windshield wiper arm.

When the rain is pouring like crazy, it is the only time you realize the importance of a working windshield wiper assembly (arm and blades). If the windshield wiper arms are broken, bent or not functioning as they should under heavy rains, then you are really in trouble. This is why repairing and replacing windshield wiper arms should be done ASAP. You don’t need to bring the car to your mechanic. With some mechanical know-how and the right tools, you can replace your windshield wiper arms yourself.

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How to Select a Windshield Wiper

Choosing windshield wipers for your car is usually a low priority for most drivers. But choosing the best windshield wipers shouldn’t be ignored. Winter is upon us, and bad weather leads to bad visibility. When visibility is low, your wipers becomes one of the most important safety features on your car.

The best way to ensure you windshield wipers are ready to take on all sorts of bad weather is to maintain them and reduce wear and tear. If you have ice or snow on your windshield, don’t use your wipers to clear it says Windshield Repair Pittsburgh. Scrapers are usually the best method of removal, and can help avoid additional strain on your wipers which could render them completely useless. Boston Hyundai dealers recommends that if you have to park outside in snow, you may want to leave your windshield wipers raised up to help prevent the rubber from freezing to the windshield.

There are numerous brands to choose from when attempting to select the right windshield wipers for your vehicle, and Auto Body Pittsburgh admits it can be confusing. Most windshield wipers feature the same design, but more expensive wipers may feature more radial shapes and multiple-blade designs. Some newer designs may not even have external frames which is intended to provide more uniform pressure along the curvature of your windshield.

While bold new designs are finding their way into windshield wipers, Houston used cars dealers claim it's often the simpler, less expensive wipers that work the best and adequately stand up to wear and tear. Most windshield wipers among Toyota accessories retailers, despite overall quality, rarely last more the six months, largely due to their constant exposure to the elements. For optimal performance, it’s recommended that you change your wipers every six to nine months. If you see any cracking in the rubber, or see the blades leaving streaks on your windshield, it’s time to switch them out. For more information on windshield wipers and which ones are best for you vehicle, you may want to consult your vehicle’s owner manual.
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How to Fix Windshield Wiper Problems

Visibility is the most important factor when driving a car. The device which ensures that you have a clear view of the road, even in bad weather conditions is the windshield wiper mechanism. It's essential that windshield wiper problems be taken care of, as soon as they crop up or you may find them failing right when you need them the most! You might have a car in good working condition, but if a thunderstorm hits suddenly and your wiper mechanism fails then sticking your bare hand out of the window to wipe your windshield and managing the steering wheel with the other, is not an exciting proposition to look forward to! Through this Buzzle article, I am going to help you out in troubleshooting windshield wiper problems on your own. Wiper mechanisms are simple enough to be fixed on your own. So if you are the do-it-yourself kind of a person, keep reading ahead to know all about fixing windshield wiper issues.

Common Windshield Wiper Problems and How to Fix Them

The windshield wiper mechanism is truly ingeniously designed. A motor mechanism provides the torque required for motion, which is transmitted via an intermeshed gear assembly. The wiper blades are designed such that the arm movement makes sure that windshield surface is wiped thoroughly. If you find that the wiper blades have stopped working, visually inspect for signs of damage on the wiper mechanism. Here are the things which you should check out primarily.

Blown Motor Fuse
The power required for the windshield wiper motor to function is supplied via a fuse mechanism. If it so happens that the fuse fails, the motor will stop working, stalling its function. So if you find the fuse to be blown out, getting it replaced is the only way out.

Wiper Switch Problems
The wiper action is initiated by the switch located near the steering wheel. It may happen that the switch blanks out and stops working due to mechanical anomaly. In such a case, get the switch replaced immediately.

Loose Wire Connections
Sometimes, you might discover that the reason for wiper motor failure is a wire that has come loose. Check the whole circuitry for loose wire problems and fix them back again to get the wiper back to work.

Wiper Motor Breakdown
One of the most common reasons for wiper movement failure is the breakdown of the device which provides the motive force for its working, that is the motor. If you have eliminated the wiper switch and fuse to be the source of the problem, it has to be the motor which has broken down. Remove the motor, test it and get it replaced if it's beyond repair.

Broken Wiper Linkages
Wiper linkage is the mechanism which transfers the torque provided by the motor to the arms. If the linkage is broken, the torque is not transferred and the wiper won't function. Check, if the wiper linkage is broken and get it replaced to restore it back to its oscillatory ways.

Bent Wiper Arms
In case the wiper arms are bent or not installed properly, there may be friction between the windshield wiper arms and the surface itself, which might be stalling its working. Bent or cracked wiper arms are best replaced.

These were the prime windshield wiper problems that you may have to deal with. It's good to be equipped with the troubleshooting know-how, which may come in handy during emergencies. So next time you find the windshield wiper arm stalling or any other problem with it, you know what to do! In case, you find it beyond your skill to diagnose what exactly has gone wrong, going to car repair professionals is an option which is always open.

By Omkar Phatak
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How To Check Windshield Wiper Fluid

Performing basic maintenance on your car can be daunting, especially tasks like checking your windshield washer fluid. It seems scary but is actually a very simple process when you follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the engine is off - you don't want any running parts that you can catch your sleeve, or hot engine parts which can burn you.
  2. Pop the hood. Most cars have a leverfor this inside, under or near the steering wheel.
  3. Walk around to the hood. Cars have a lever under the hood that you must squeeze in order to open the hood the rest of the way. While squeezing, make sure you are lifting the hood.
  4. Find the reservoir for the windshield wiper fluid. It will look like a plastic jug with a blue (or sometimes pink) liquid inside of it. There is also an icon on the cap that looks like a little windshield being sprayed with wiper fluid. If you aren't sure whether you have found the correct jug, it's better to check out your car's manual. This will give you a clear picture of the location of the windshield wiper fluid reservoir.
  5. Check the jug to see the fluid level. The jug should have lines on the side and perhaps even an indicator that specifies when the windshield wiper fluid is too low.
  6. Open the top of the reservoir. If the cap is not connected and comes off completely be careful not to lose the cap.
  7. Fill the reservoir with wiper fluid to the top, being careful not to overflow the jug. Never add plain water. Windshield wiper fluid is made with detergent and antifreeze to keep your windshield clean and prevent it from freezing. If you don't have wiper fluid you can purchase it at any gas station for about $2 a gallon.
  8. Replace the cap, making sure to properly secure it.
  9. Firmly close the hood of your car. You're done!
It's a good idea to keep a jug of windshield wiper fluid in your trunk. It doesn't take up room and this way if you really need to add the fluid you'll always have it handy.

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How To Keep Your Windshield Wipers from Freezing

A car’s windshield may not be part of the hard working engine or steering system. But this big sheet of clear glass is surely one of the most important yet simplest parts of a vehicle. It doesn’t keep your way clear on its own, though. It needs help from the windshield wipers. Without properly working wipers, it’s impossible to ensure safety when driving through a heavy rain or snow. That is why keeping the wipers to their optimum performance is highly necessary. Besides aging, windshield wipers’ another enemy is bad weather—like a bad winter. 

Winter can freeze the windshield wipers, making them inefficient for their main job—keeping the windshield clear. You can’t stop the season from changing or the snow from falling from the sky. But at least, you can do something to keep your windshield wipers from freezing. Follow the tips below:

  • Replace the wiper blades. There are so-called winter wipers, which are specifically engineered to withstand freezing coldtemperature. Have these handy for the winter season. Make sure to use these instead of the regular wiper blades. Using winter blades reduces the chance of having frozen wipers.
  • Use winter wiper fluid. Wiper fluid is the thing sprayed whenever you push that button for the wiper fluid reservoir. Ordinary wiper fluids cannot resist the cold temperature. These are usually in blue fluid. You should get the orange or red fluid during cold weather. Check the wiper fluid’s label to check if it’s really for the winter. Use that instead of the usual fluid to reduce incidence of frozen wipers.
  • Drive slowly. Windshield wipers get easily frozen if driving too fast. Slower driving means slower air speed and that could lead to lower temperature. Try it and you’ll see how driving slowly can keep the wipers from freezing. It will be a safer trip on the road, too.
  • Raise the windshield wipers off the windshield. Doing this prevents the wipers from being stuck on the windshield due to ice build-up. Do this whenever the vehicle is not in use. But before you set the wipers again on the windshield, wipe off ice from the glass sheet.
  • Use spray de-icer. Find this kind of product from auto shops. Simply spray the can on the build-up ice and see it melting. Most car owners use this only when there is too much ice on the windshield.
  • Check under the hood. Sometimes, the real problem is not really the old wipers or the winter fluid that you are using. There are instances that a vehicle owner has done almost all the tips above but still to no avail. 
  • Look back to what your vehicle has done in a few months. Maybe it was repaired or maybe you open up the hood to check the system. Check the reservoir if it’s connected properly to the hose and pump. Maybe you or the technician forgot to reconnect everything.

Not only your windshield wipers should be kept from freezing. There are other important parts in the car that are subject to freezing during the cold months. Make sure you know the special maintenancefor your vehicle no matter what the weather or season is. It is part of your responsibilities as a vehicle owner.

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